The Obelisk, Chronicles, and Seasons

All of my writing exists in a single, unified, canon, with stories and characters linked across space and time by supernatural and subconscious connections.

My three main sagas are: The Obelisk, Chronicles, and Seasons

The Obelisk is an upcoming historical fiction novel following the stories of American indentured servants in the year 1940, as they struggle in the shadow of the Second World War.

Chronicles, short for Chronicles of the Apocalypse, is a series of science fiction stories reaching from the recent past to the 25th century, containing an apocalyptic imagining of humanity’s near future, as we confront challenges including economic oppression, climate change, nuclear war, weaponized diseases, artificial intelligence, and the militarization of space.

Seasons is a fantasy world where millions live in peace, freedom, and prosperity. But this world had to be built over a long period of struggle and difficulty, and all good things must be protected from evil. In this world, ancient mysteries linger in myth, and old questions lie long unanswered.