I Sleep With Country Stars

I’ve been married for twenty years
to my pretty wife
And together we have spent
an awesome kind of life
But there has been a secret
that I myself have kept
She is not the only beauty
with whom I have slept

I sleep with a country star
every single night
I never know who it might be
‘til I turn off the light
It takes me just a second
to get her into mind
Then we do things together
when we leave this world behind

There has been Loretta
Tammy and Patsy Cline
Dolly and Lori Morgan
and Reba just one time
Anne Murray’s been a regular
and so has Brenda Lee
Yes, all of these country stars
have spent the night with me

Dolly and I, we took a cruise
several years ago
And Loretta and I did a concert
along the Ohio

Patsy and I we spent one night
and never left the bed
I was her greatest lover
at least that is what she said

The nights I’ve spent with Tammy
are among my very best
I’ve loved my nights with Minnie
and even Dottie West

Lori and I we shared a horse
and rode through old Cheyenne
Tanya has told me many times
that I’m her favorite man

I’ve only been with Reba once
but she got me so darn hot
That I woke up a’ screamin’
Honey please don’t stop
Shania and I, we have eloped
thirty times or more
And I cut Crystal Gayles’ hair
and swept it off the floor

Please don’t take me wrong
I know my family’s worth
And I would never leave them
for anything on earth
Loving all those country stars
I know it isn’t right
But I sure get excited
when I turn out the light ©


short stories and poetry by an award winning author